spongl .io


This is a broad plan for the features and functionality that I hope to implement as part of spongl.io. The plan is likely to change and is dependent on having sufficient time to devote to the learning and development work.



This is the 1.0 release milestone. The goal is reliable search and rendering against the legislation.gov.uk api. The release will also provide collapsible page elements, tabbed legislation content and aggregated citations. There will be an option of four different themes: modern-light, modern-dark, traditional-light, and traditional-dark.

Version 1.1 release. A user authenication system enabling users to save favourites as cards.



The 2.0 release milestone. The goal is to create a recommender system. This will track and monitor user search behaviour and make recommendations about related legislation. The data collected will be publicly available via an open api.



The 3.0 release milestone. The goal is to enable users to tag, comment and save legislation. Users can use these features to build their own compliance management system. Sharing of intelligence between users will be an important aspect.

Version 3.1 release. Monetisation to cover development and hosting costs.



The 4.0 release milestone. The goal is to build legislation update functionality. The software will automatically incorporate changes made by amendment legislation into the amended legislation. Creating a new instance of the legislation for users.