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Privacy Policy

Currently spongl.io collects no information about you on our server. This situation will change over coming months and we will display a warning to you when this policy changes.

We do store information about your preferences and use of the site as cookies on your browser. This includes the following:

  • Your user style preferences
  • Details about the legislation you have viewed

All modern browsers have options to delete the cookies websites have stored on your computer. The spongl.io interface also provides options to remove the cookies we have saved.

Links to Other Websites

spongl.io contains links to other websites.

This privacy policy only applies to http://www.spongl.io and doesn't cover the other services we link to. These services have their own terms & conditions and privacy policies.

If you go to another website from this one, read the privacy policy on that website to find out what it does with your information.

If you come to spongl.io from another website, we may receive information from the other website. We don’t use this data. You should read the privacy policy of the website you came from to find out more about this.